Non-Profit Registration

Would you like to present your organization, its mission, success stories and needs to a group of philanthropic community members? Please fill out the form below and provide the necessary information. Once verified by 100 Palm Beach you can prepare your presentation, a representative of the verified organization will be invited to attend future events. All verified charitable organizations will be included in a drawing from which three (3) will be randomly selected at each meeting to make a presentation. One of those three (3) organization will be voted by members to receive $10,000* in funding that evening.

  • Complete the form below.

  • Upon acceptance, you will receive a verification email within one to two (1-2) weeks with further instructions.

  • You will be invited to attend future meetings. Please confirm your intent to attend. 

  • A representative of each charitable organization randomly selected must be in attendance to give a presentation at that meeting.

  • Prepare your presentation inclusive of organization overview, mission, and needs with a maximum duration of seven (7) minutes.

  • AV equipment is provided. A USB thumb drive with PowerPoint is strongly encouraged. Presentation without visual aid is ok. 

  • If your organization is NOT chosen to present you are eligible to be randomly selected at future meetings.

  • If your organization is chosen to present you cannot present again for two (2) years.

  • If your organization wins the nights $10,000* funding you cannot present again for five (5) years.  

  • We ask that if you win funding you come back six (6) months later to give an update on how you utilized the funding.

  • We welcome you to attend as a member, just fill out the previous "Become a Member" form while you await an opportunity to present, same rules of membership apply. 

*Actual funding depends on current participant count at time of presentation. It is the goal of 100 Palm Beach to have a minimum of 100 people committed to funding at each meeting.

Primary Contact's Name *
Primary Contact's Name
Primary Contact's Phone Number *
Primary Contact's Phone Number
From IRS form 990 or most recent annual financial statement.
Commitment *
If my organization wins the nights funding I will return in 6 months to provide an update on the program, project, and people which benefited from funding.